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Errors & Omissions Policy Details

  • Preferred Risk Rates

  • Bind Instantly

  • Claims Made & Reported Policy

  • Extended Tail Coverage

  • Immediate Proof of Purchase

  • A-Rated (Excellent) Carrier

Error & Omissions Insurance Underwriter & Administrator


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Please be advised that the premium/cost charged shall be deemed fully earned. Cancellations with requests for return premium shall not be permissible, subject to applicable laws and regulations.

Fee Disclosure: Prices include an annual risk purchasing group fee of $115 for membership in the Financial Services Professionals Risk Purchasing Group, Inc. which covers membership dues and administrative fees and is not part of the insurance transaction. Coverages are underwritten by Aspen American Insurance Company, a Texas admitted insurance company. Certain coverages are not available in all states.

If you select the monthly option, a 25% down payment will be charged upon processing of this Application. EOcoverage.com will then charge one-tenth of your outstanding balance on the first day of the month for each of the subsequent ten (10) months. Note there will be a $5.00 administration fee included in each of the ten (10) payment installments.


Consult applicable insurance policy and endorsements for specific terms, conditions and limits. This Professional Liability Insurance Policy (commonly known as Errors and Omissions, or E&O, Insurance) provides protection for your liability for wrongful acts from the performance of professional services for a client. Professional services include:

  • Sale, attempted sale, or servicing of life, accident and health insurance and managed care organization contracts
  • Indexed and fixed annuities (if purchased)
  • Variable annuities and mutual funds by a registered representative (if purchased)
  • Disability income insurance (if purchased)
  • Services as Notary Public
  • Financial planning activities in connection with these described services
  • $1,000,000 each claim
  • $3,000,000 in the aggregate
  • $15,000,000 total master policy aggregate for all non-New York insureds
  • $500 Each Claim for Life, Accident, Health Insurance, LTC Products (that does not require a securities license)
  • $2,500 Each Claim for Indexed Annuities, Fixed Annuities (if purchased)
  • $2,500 Each Claim for Disability Income Insurance (if purchased)
  • $5,000 Each Claim for Variable Annuities/Variable Insurance (that requires a securities license) and Mutual Funds (if purchased).

Insured must hold appropriate license(s) and favorably answer all qualifying questions on the application. Insured’s revenues from the sale and/or servicing of all life, health and financial products to be covered by this policy does not exceed $350,000 annually.

  • Non-cancelable, claims made and reported policy
  • Retroactive coverage going back to first continuous professional liability policy
  • Coverage extended to a business entity owned by the insured in connection with professional services provided by the insured
    • Includes employees if acting on behalf of the insured
    • Spouse or domestic partner, estates, heirs, or legal representative of the insured
  • Ability to extend reporting period after termination of the policy
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